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These are trying times for all. The spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which causes COVID-19, has led governments to take drastic actions, put strains on businesses, and has affected all individuals in a personal way. It is incredibly important that we all do our part during this time. As photographers and filmmakers ourselves, we want to make sure that there are some key guidelines out there to help prevent the spread of the virus and keep everyone healthy and happy.

Safety Measures from our side

  1. Our studio is cleaned and sanitized thoroughly after each and every shoot. The floor, the chairs, sofas etc. Everything is sanitized after each and every shoot and is left for the whole day till there is the next shoot.
  2. All the props, clothes, blankets etc are sanitized/washed after every use depending on the kind of sanitization required. We have categorized our props into categories. Anything washable will be washed. Props which cannot be washed will be sanitized using water based or aerosol based disinfectants.
  3. Our studio is now exclusively used only for photo shoots. Any walk in customers, or someone for general inquiries are prohibited in the studio. All the inquiries will be answered on call.
  4. We are regularly checking temperature of our team members who will be present during the shoot.
  5. We will be wearing a mask and a shield during the shoot to prevent any droplet/aerosol interchange.

Important Instructions that you would need to follow

  1. Mask is compulsory and should be worn in a proper way all the time once you are in the studio.
  2. Foot wears will not be allowed in the studio.
  3. Since our feet are more vulnerable to carry fomites and we use the floor in our studio very extensively, we will be spraying disinfectant on your feet and lower legs. Just in case if you are not comfortable in a disinfectant being sprayed on feet directly, you can wear disposable feet covers inside the studio. Please note that you would not be allowed to remove them till you are in the studio.
  4. Only immediate family is allowed in the studio. i.e. Only parents along with the baby are allowed.
  5. We may be doing thermal screening through an infra red thermometer.
  6. Please do not carry a strolley bag/suitcase since it has to be rolled on the floor and the wheels may transmit fomites. We will not allow it inside the studio. Also, please make sure you do not keep any of your bags on the road even for a short span.
  7. Please make sure you have installed aarogya setu app.
  8. If you have fever or cough, please get the shoot rescheduled. We may not allow you in the studio. There will be no exception.
  9. Please maintain proper physical distancing while in the studio. Please try and not to touch the props not in use and other stuff in the studio unnecessarily.
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